Friday, November 09, 2007

Birthday report

I had this BIG post ready to go for my birthday.
A retrospective of sorts.
With pictures and funny quotes and such.....
Completely self-absorbed...
all about me, me, me...

But I thought better of it.
I have had a nice birthday.

Ate breakfast at my favorite small town diner, had lunch at my favorite Chinese take-out place. I grilled steaks and made homemade dinner rolls.
I am about to sit down for "Movie Night" with Greg and the kids.
It's been a good day.
I turned 39 today.
It's at this very age that LOTS of women freak out.
About wrinkles, aging, mid-life crap....
I will embrace my wrinkes (but not my gray hair).
I don't mind aging at all. (it means I am blessed to be ALIVE)
Mid-life crap? Everyone has that stuff, so I am not alone.

Today I am blessed AND I am 39.
However old you are, be thankful.
You're here and you're alive!
Thanks for friends who wished me a Happy Day. I love ya for it.
Tomorrow I'll be the Santa photographer at my local Harley....I'll be the one in boots and a Santa hat.....which is way better than the Clown get-up...


Linda said...

sounds like it was a good day. I was asked to go sing at a country club along with several other women from the musical that I'm in. It will be on my birthday...and, incidentally, my friend's birthday as well. We're 10 years apart (I'm older, lol...but she has 1 more kid than me!)

Peggy said...


Angel Wilde said...

Hey Happy Birthday late. I'm always late.... but we were born 2 days apart in the same year. Whata coinky dink!