Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween report

The kids LOVED Halloween.
Adam went as the BLUE Power Ranger, Micaela went as a Cheerleader.
Greg went out as a cow. I didn't dress up.
Why no pictures of them in costume? Because I was enjoying the moment instead of worrying and stressing about "getting the shot"......They come in my office area every 15 seconds or so, trolling for the hidden 50# of candy.....

Today, I have been glued to my chair, learning layering on PhotoShop.
I am not all that jazzed about the technical aspect of photography. I'll admit it.
But let's be honest: everything is PhotoShopped these days.....

I am gearing up for a big event this weekend and every moment I have is consumed by that and the laundry....Luckily, my crock pot is my ally and it's cooking dinner for me.

I love Fall. When the air gets cooler, I get all weepy and nostalgic.
About memories, traditions, and much more.
Like the candied apples you see in my post....My mom used to make them for us. They were so special, so glamorous.....I was making them with MY daughter, thinking about what she might do with her daughter (if she ever has kids of her own).....made me all weepy inside.

Okay, I am gonna quit babbling. It's probably the fact that I am on the BIRTHDAY COUNTDOWN now.....8 more days until I turn 39. I really am excited about it. I don't dread getting older like so many women do. So what? I'll have wrinkles It just means I am blessed enough to live this life. I pray that the Lord lets it be a long one. I'm going to make memories all along the way...
I'm going to dig in my basement for one of my favorite birthday pictures. BOTH of my parents were in the pictures, hugging me. I think I was 7 or 8....I love that picture....I gotta find it....I think for my birthday, I"ll share MY favorite pictures from my own life.....

Okay, NOW I am gonna quit babbling.

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Linda said...

that reminds me...gotta get your BD present into the mail. I picked it up, gosh...2 (yes, that is TWO) months ago!! Had to get it - hope you like it!