Saturday, November 10, 2007

my sister

My "sister" sent me a birthday gift today.
I put sister in quotations because Linda and I are not actually related.
But man, I wish we were.
She's like what a sister should be.
She listens, she cares, she is a treasure beyond rubies.

And I am not saying this just because she bought me a KICK BUTT gift!!
I mean it.
And I mean that in the real sense of the word.
God blessed me with her in my life.

Okay, all you lucky people, look at what she got me....(I even begrudingly posted that goofy picture of myself so she would see just how happy this made me...)
Am I blessed or what?

It's good to have Linda in my life.
Now if I could just the ARMY to send her husband closer to here.....


1 comment:

Sheri said...

Isn't it great when God blesses us with special friends. I hope one day you guys can live close. :) Cute bag too! Hope your birthday is a special one!