Friday, November 23, 2007


Thanksgiving was great....Low key, all the tradition stuff.
My kitchen was clean, not a dish in sight at 9am (that is a miracle...)
Pumpkin pie for some, not for others.
A toast raised during dinner, where everyone gave thanks.
Made me a little weepy.

God is good, folks.
He is so good.

Speaking of God and all His goodness, have you guys heard the newest MercyMe CD...


I confess...I am cheap and I wouldn't have downloaded it if my cosmic sister had not gifted me an iTunes card.....and I didn't even download it for myself. It's one of Jonathan's Christmas gifts.....

So I had to pre-screen it, knowing it was APPROPRIATE but wanting to know the sounds that I would hear blaring through his walls for the next few months.....

OH. MY. GOD...

That CD is so rich, so uplifting.....I cried all the way through two songs. "Finally Home" made my knees buckle and all I could think of hugging my dad when I get to Heaven......someday.
Oh yes, God is good. I am just so thankful that these men use their voices to praise him. Truly.

I have not left the house all day...No shopping. Not even tempted. But I will be leaving in a bit for a gig. A nice, homeschooling family that I excited about meeting. I talked on the phone with the mother and she has just a great sense of humor. I do enjoy taking pictures of people who enjoy their own lives....

Today, the family is pitching in to help a neighbor rake up her leaves. I say "the family" when in fact, it's Greg who's sweating and raking, while I take pictures of the kids...It's Mrs. Ann's tree and we love her so we do this with willing hearts.

I am very thankful today. Still on a Thanksgiving high, I suppose. That and all of my laundry is almost done!! Wooooo Hooooo!


Linda said...

you ARE putting that album on your iPod, right?

Anonymous said...

ooohhh I love Merce Me. Glad to hear such rave reviews!!

PattiB said...

I always look forward to checking your blog because I know that it will always give me the spiritual lift I need to get me through the rest of my day. Thanks for sharing your wonderful gifts of writing and photography (oh and the scrapbooking and shopping tips too!!). Blessings to your family.