Wednesday, November 07, 2007

she is PURTY

This is my girl's school picture.
I like that she smiled. And that she's dressed in something that will not haunt her in later life.
She smiled so hesitantly. Usually she goes totally Super-Nova with her smile.
She is so darn purty.....
I know I am biased...



Anonymous said...

She's an absolutely beautiful little girl Suzanne. She looks a lot like her mother.


Linda said...

Have to second JB, here....gorgeous. And the hair? I'm loving it a bit longer!

FXSmom said...

What a cute picture!
My daughter wound up wearing her pink jacket in her picture. At the last minute she decided that she didn't like the shirt she was wearing. Well, the only background that went with the shirt was gray. Her picture will haunt her forever!

SB said...

Tomorrow, during my "Birthday Retrospective"...I'll be sharing an example of a haunting school photo.

Let me say just this: Ordinarily straight hair meets bobby pin curls, Results? Haunting..