Saturday, December 22, 2007

goodwill towards man

Let me just open this up by asking everyone to extend some goodwill to your fellow man. The world needs it.....Everyone is SO rushed, SO grumpy, so "more, more, more" right now.
Myself included. Except for the grumpy part. I am rushed though.
And even though I don't NEED anything, I find myself WANTING.

In an effort to turn that feeling off, I am surrounding myself with the goodness of the Christmas Season. Teaching my kids Christmas carols. Wrapping gifts with joy in my heart. Thanking God for the MANY blessings in my life.

Greg and I spent the day with Adam in his kindergarten classroom yesteday and it was GREAT. His teacher had some great activities for the kids. Although Greg did take pictures of me, it looks like someone replaced my face with a Goodyear Blimp so I will not be sharing those....

But I will share with the coolest SockBuddy there has ever been.


Embrace Christmas.
Celebrate it with a joyous heart.
Let the Spirit work on you.
You won't regret it.

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Linda said...

Oh MY...I am going to find white socks, some batting, eyes, bells and FUN stuff to make those today!! Really.

The kids have driven me beyond the reaches of sanity and I really, really, REALLY need a month-long vacation away from everyone in this house!!!!!

Having mom and Sue visit was so nice, but it was too short and too rushed, and I miss them even more. I need some family and friends surrounding me right now :-(

So, I'm thinking "Goodwill toward men" thoughts, and trying to find things that will keep me sane (and perhaps put a little happiness in my heart)