Wednesday, December 19, 2007


1) It's been busy here. Plus my husband is taking three weeks off, which throws me off, but in a nice welcome way.

2) I am waiting (stupidly) till the last minute to wrap gifts. Why do I do this every year? Because I am insane.

3) I am done making my kiddos' teachers baskets. We like every one of their teachers so much that I ran out of money and baskets....I'll post pictures on Friday, on the off chance any of them peek here.

4) I am finally getting excited about Christmas. I have been singing Christmas carols when no one is listening. Don't give me grief; I don't sing well. I do sing with joy, I just don't sing well. Greg is actually a little fussy with me because I don't sing hymns at church and now our children won't sing....I grew up Catholic and even after being a super-cool Lutheran for 8+ years now, I still can't sing the hymns from memory. It doesn't help that my husband sings like Harry Connick, Jr and Michael Buble'.....I sound like a cat screeching next to him....And people there bust you if you try and lip synch.

5) did you see this very cool offer?
We had never had Cinemax, so I signed up for paperless billing with autopay and now have Cinemax for a whole year for ONE PENNY. Sweet deal. My sat TV is one of our precious luxuries. We don't get to go out but we love the movies. We DVR them and watch them between Neflix rentals. We're movie hogs. This week, we've watched a horror movie, a foreign film, a documentary and on Friday, we'll see The Simpson movie...Nonetheless, if you're a Dish Family, check out the offer. It took me 10 minutes on the phone with some call screener in Phillipines but it is well worth it. I looooove the Consumerist.

6) Tomorrow a Christmas story from Christmas Past.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back; you've been missed! We'll be traveling over the holidays and taking vacation time. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and I hope 2008 is your best year yet!


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous you did Christmas baskets for the teachers. I just realized this morning that it is our last day of school and I haven't even sent a merry Christmas greeting their way.

rennratt said...

Thank you for the salt scrub recipe!

Nooze gave it to both of her school teachers - and all three of her Sunday School teachers. We had a blast making it, and all of the teachers ooh'd and ahh'd over it!

We put the mixture into small canning jars with screw on lids. It was perfect!

SB said...

glad it went well.


Merry Christmas.