Tuesday, December 04, 2007

RED BOX rocks

I'll admit.
I am a movie dork.
I love movies.
Since it costs more for us to book a babysitter than most budgets of small countries, we watch A LOT of movies.
I am blessed that I married a man who appreciates British humor and the occasional chick movie. But I love scary movies, movies that make me think, documentaries and especially foreign films....
I rarely BUY movies. I am too cheap.

But I get GOBS of movies from my killer macho library.
I am a Netflix user.
And I also use the Red Box machine in my local market.

So I share the coupon with all your RedBox-less folks.
Go get a movie tonight and giggle like a lunatic.
It'll do your heart good!

1 comment:

Peggy said...

We love Red Box! We canceled everything else...