Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

(I am NEVER wordless....Adam was drawing me. Apparently I was mad when the drawing started but apparently I "got happy"...) He made my eyes a wee bit wonky (which is very life-like as of late...) and I have NO IDEA what I am carrying....I love art from a child's perspective.
This is going in my scrapbook. (I actually snuck downstairs this morning and did THREE pages....I needed something ANYTHING to pull me out of this mood....)
Life is still good. God loves me. And Micaela is running the Christmas Countdown. I think I am going to share some Christmas memories over the next two weeks...I'll encourage you guys to do the same.
Now, I am off to make some Outback Bread. To go with my potato soup and chocolate cakes.

1 comment:

Kristiem10 said...

Oh, Walkabout soup and Bushman bread are the best. The only thing that would make your trip to Outback better would be Cheese Fries and Ranch dip. Can I come?!

I love the drawing, and how the angry face is X'd out.