Monday, January 21, 2008

busy day

Busy day today.....
two sessions today. Both babies about the same age. 9 to 11 months old.
Both totally different.
Both beautiful.
I love babies.....

First is Noah, who I've photographed since birth. I just adore him. He's so precious....(and do note: his picture is IN COLOR......) Doesn't he have the most beautiful eyes?

Next came Ceanna, who is 11 months old. And she didn't really want anything to do with me or my pesky camera. I'd love to get her on a good day. She was so serious....

Then we went shopping. Micaela has no church dresses. She decided to grow a whole bunch this past Summer and Fall and no longer can fit in the super cute dresses I purchased. So this past Sunday, she went to church looking like she's escaped from a West Virginia family reunion.

You know how hard it is to find decent MODEST affordable girl's clothing? It's VERY tough. We even went to the ole Standard: LLBean. I am a BIG LL Bean follower. Their stuff is reasonable and lasts forever!! And if you ever have to deal with their customer service, they rock! I mean, they're from MAINE for Pete's sake...Good things come from Maine. But alas, LL Bean didn't have any conservative (read: boring) little girl's outfits. I didn't see ANYTHING in the Mall that was appropriate for my tall, thin, INNOCENT 7 year old. If I wanted her to look like a tramp, oh there's plenty for that.....but girls MODEST clothing is hard to come by. I am not dressing her like she's Amish, but I do intend to be strict with her wardrobe. She has a long life ahead of her. I want her to a child while she can. I did find some pants on sale at Target, but I am not a fan of wearing pants to church (the only thing I hold over from being raised Catholic: dresses to church!!)

Ok, I must get off of the computer and find some chocolate. I ate a bunch of crud this weekend. Not good for me. It's back to routine tomorrow....!!


Linda said...

yes...good things DO come from Maine... :grin:

Karen_thrifty said...

My daughter is 4 and fortunately, we haven't had any problems yet finding modest clothing for her. We have trained her right. She freaks out if her belly or underwear are showing. My best friend does pass down her daughter's clothes to us, so most of my daughter's dresses come from her daughter. So, maybe she is actually having the hard time finding dresses. lol

Have you tried Freecycle? I noticed someone put an ad in my area for modest church dresses. I don't think that was you though, seeing how I'm in NC. :)

I've seen some cute dresses at Target. Have you tried there?

I grew up in a church that believed in dresses for each service, even for Wednesday nights. I now wear pants to church and I feel so liberated!!!!! Now, when I visit my parent's church, I have to go back to the hose. :(

SB said...

your Target must be cool. My Target does NOT have conservative clothing for my daughter's age.
And I utilize my local Freecycle all the time. I LOVE FREE!!