Wednesday, January 23, 2008

clothes to the rescue

Remember a few days, I was whining about Micaela GROWING and having no church clothes? I wasn't really whining about her growing, but the lack of appropriate clothing choices offered by the retailers.

Well, between my local Freecycle and my small town thrift store's $1.00 day for clothing. I think we're in a much better position:
3 pair pants
3 dresses
5 shirts
1 jacket
2 shirts for Adam
1 pair of jeans for me (to replace my ALL-TIME fave jeans that Jon DESTROYED)
1 plaid skirt for me
1 ss sweater for me
1 shirt for my mom
and 1 striped scarf for photography prop
3 items for FREE and the other stuff cost me a grand total of $12.00.
My mom would be so proud. I remember being dragged to too many thrift stores to count as a kid. It was how we afforded life. My mom, a child during the Depression, knows how to make a penny holler. Her frugality rubbed off on me. I love shopping at thrift stored. I prefer it to the Mall ANY DAY.

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