Wednesday, January 23, 2008

creativity and other stuff

You ever feel like you're gonna burst because you have sooooo many ideas? I feel almost manic today with the ideas pulsing through my brain. I woke up at 60mph today. I even did ALL of the laundry.....and it's not even 10am, people!! That alone is big..Adam is home in an hour and we're going on a photo safari. I can't wait! I just hope he's not in a grumpy mood. He does not pose well when grumpy.
went on an outing last night with my friend, Cheryl. She works at the church I attend. She's the church secretary. She's a riot! I always laugh too much when I am out with her. We went and saw "Juno". Very good movie. I guarantee you that we're gonna be seeing A LOT of Ellen Page (who plays the title role) in years to come..It's no accident that she was nominated for an Oscar for this role.....but I must warn you: this movie is chock-full of profanity, some very cutting edge smart-ass language (I wished I could have written some of it down.....) and obvious sexual innuendo. Although they don't SHOW any sex, it's a movie whose title role is a pregnant 16 year old. In the end, it turns out well. But it is not a child-friendly movie.

My "points" game is going well. Did I tell y'all about that? I was having some trouble motivating my kids in the morning, so I started a POINT system. The one with the most points by the week's end gets to select the movie/snack for our Weekly Family Movie. It's a BIG deal in our house. Every Saturday night, we gather as a family and watch a family-friendly movie. Last week, we watched "MIB2". The kids dig anything with aliens in it. Points stand at 7:6 in Adam's favor. Points are given for getting up & getting ready for school, eating breakfast, cleaning your room and reading a book. They're loving it. A little bit of friendly competition goes a long way.----------------------------------------
Wanna know what else? I layed out two scrapbook pages yesterday! Might actually stick them together today. Don't want to break my cleaning motivation so I am signing off now. More later!!

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