Tuesday, January 08, 2008

getting to know Blake

This morning, I was at a local Starbucks, waiting for a client.
There was a young man, wandering around, saying Good Morning to people. He was a bit loud. He was very energetic and excited about his day, telling everyone that he was running late. I was early to meet my client so I just watched him, and I watched how people treated him.
I watched ladies with nice manicures, politely turn their backs to him and roll their eyes.
I watched him continue to smile and be positive.
I watched people actually sneer at him.
I watched him introduce himself, with no shame or guile.

He could have been MY SON. His name was Blake.

He was trying to talk to one lady but she was more concerned that he was standing too close to her fancy purse, with his dirty Safeway apron....He was being friendly. Then he accidentally popped then lens out in his glasses. He asked the lady for help with his glasses.She actually said "I wouldn't even know what to do with you...."

I thought "How unbearably RUDE." So I interjected myself and said, "I can help you." He looked so glad that someone was acknowledging him. I asked him to sit at my table and join me. He looked nervous and I assured him that it was safe. That I had a son just like him who also had problems with his glasses. He sat, with great relief and told me his story.

He's 22. He works at the local Safeway market, works VERY hard for good money. He loves him Mom and his job. He knows how to ride the city bus.

He thanked me for fixing his glasses.
And he thanked me for asking his name.

He humbled me.
I was glad that I took the time.
It was an eye-opener for me. Even as the Mother of a Young Adult with Disabilities.


Peggy said...

VERY sweet story! Its disgusting how people act. I would have helped too.

Kristiem10 said...

You are a good egg.

Anonymous said...

You are a beautiful soul.

Paula Fasciano said...

ahhhhh....my biggest fear as my boys get older, thm being treated by those people you described in the Starbusk....thank goodness YOU were there!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. Brought tears to my eyes...I'm sure he will remember you.
Peggy E.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing what I hope I would have been able to do. It's easy to say that I would have had him sit with me, but maybe I wouldn't have. In the future I hope to be more open and accepting. Thanks for the reminder. You are a good person and a GREAT mom (a sign of a great mom is a mom who takes care of all children, not just her own).