Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Greg and I started back on the Fat Flush. Feels good. I have very little trouble giving up sugar, which is surprising. But I have a VERY hard time giving up SALT. I come from a long line of salt-freaks...... But we did the FF plan with great results last time. So we're back again and concentrating on our health. It IS a lower carb diet, (you get healthy carbs) but you do without white stuff (rice,potatoes, breads, floours, etc)......which leads me to my next bit of stuff.......

When I went to meet a client this morning, I had purchased TWO (not just one) croissants. I don't know WHY I bought them. I knew I couldn't eat them. I came home and ate a banana and was fine. But then...later when I was just standing idly in my kitchen, that stupid croissant was SCREAMING my name.....(enter the stupidity factor).... I ate TWO whole croissants. Oh man, they were goooooood.....You know what happens to me after not having any carbs for over a week and then eating TWO croissants? I passed out on the couch......not pretty. And now my stomach hurts......I learned my lesson. Bread is no longer my friend (sniffle, sniffle). I do get to eat Ezekiel Bread which is good, but man it's like $4.00 a loaf!! Being healthy is expensive....

The only thing that woke me up was the UPS guy ringing my doorbell, delivering THIS:

Although you'll rarely see me excited about software, I am TERRIBLY excited about my Lightroom. I used the sample for 30 days and it totally changed my workflow. It's AWESOME. It's not cheap. Over $300.....but since I have a homeschooling connection, I get to buy through the Academic SuperStore and got my copy for $98.00. Yeah me!

So I am off to avoid bread and conquer what I missed out on by passing out on the couch for over an hour.

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