Thursday, January 17, 2008

is this winter?

EDITED TO ADD: Okay I meant TWO INCHES....all you smart people.


It snowed today. For maybe an hour.
About 2 feet accumulation.
The whole world screeches to a halt here when it snows.
It's kind of silly, really.
I'll be surprised if there is school tomorrow.

The kids played outdoors.
They built the bottom of their snowmen but then decided to just pelt each other with snow.

Not a bad day.
The picture was taken with my cell phone as I waited (with my iPod protected inside my coat) for Adam's school bus.


Linda said...

2 feet, or 2 inches?

New glasses? I just gave up those same frames...dang girl, yet another cosmic tie! My new frames are SO close to the old ones, though, even Scott didn't notice a difference...but they're more rounded than rectangular now.

That's a good shot of you!!!

Now...where's that big 80's hair shot?????

Anonymous said...

I've always liked snow. Do you? I'll bet you couldn't see a thing after returning inside of your warm cozy home as your glasses completely fogged over. Have a fantastic weekend!


Kristiem10 said...

This is coming from a woman who live in Alaska, though. I'd say it's winter. Two feet? Yep.

Anonymous said...

1/2 inch halts our world. It is hilarious!! Enjoy our snow...we are dealing with below zero temps...blucky