Wednesday, January 09, 2008

look of love

I am editing photos from my friend's wedding.
I am an instinctive editer. I don't choose EVERY picture for the final cut.
But there are some pictures that have an emotional pull.

This was one for me.

I love that look she's giving him.
It says, "No one else exists, for me, but you."

And isn't THAT what it's all about?
(I seem to be in a real deep mocha phase lately. A few months ago, I was all about golden highlights. Next month, it'll be something else, I'm sure...Someone even sent me an anonymous comment saying I was color-phobic. I am not. I just FEEL photos differently.)


Anonymous said...

Great picture! It does express "No one else exists, for me, but you." I hope you know you have a real talent.


Linda said...

anonymous, huh? Yeah, we know THEM, lol!

Not JB up there, who is always kind and signs her name (or initials)....but the other folks...the ones who leave the nasties and then don't have the faith or wisdom to stand up to what they say. Yeah...we know them.

Mocha, huh....I need to FIND that you have an action that makes the picture look that way....cuz I LOVE that one!