Thursday, January 24, 2008

the love of books

I will admit it: I am a total bookworm. I love books. I would rather sit on the couch, wrapped in my favorite blanket and READ all day long. I love books. I love to lose myself in a well-written story.

My son is becoming the book lover, too. And that pleases me greatly.

He's reading. Totally READING at age 5. Not "Dick and Jane". He's READING. He just picked up a book, called Planet Earth. Although he gets stuck on some of the larger, more complicated words, he is READING (better than his sister in most cases...)
Books can take you anywhere. I love that......and I love that my mom gave me this love of books. It's probably the best thing I have going for me, genetically-speaking.
favorite books: I have too many to list. I am presently reading My Grandfather's Son: A Memoir which is beautifully written. Although I love books, I rarely BUY them. I am terribly cheap. I use and pace myself. I utilize my local thrift store and I buy at garage sales. The last book I bought BRAND NEW was for a gift for my husband (An Inconvenient Book: Real Solutions to the World's Biggest Problems by Glenn Beck which Greg says is funny...I am waiting my turn to read it....)
Now, I must go. My laundry (and a book) await me.

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