Saturday, January 19, 2008

oh my

SShhhhh...I have a secret.
I've been scrapping!
Selfish scraping, I call it.
I steal a few minutes between the time Greg leaves and the time the kids get up in the morning.
I usually just pull out a single picture, matching paper and of course, leave the journal for later.
Pulling elements together in advance saves me time.
I think in the last week or so, I've completed (even journaling) 5-7 pages. That's a big deal for me. I've been so busy doing business stuff that I had pretty much given up on ever scrapping again....
I am totally digging watching the primaries and the political coverage. The guy I am voting for is doing well. (That gives away that I am NOT voting for Hillary, since I said "guy"...I rarely talk politics here....)
Tomorrow is the Chili Cook-Off at our church. I am making chili, cornbread AND a dessert. Busy day tomorrow.
I have two sessions on Monday while my husband holds down the fort. Since he's military (govt employee) he gets MLK Day off. You ought to hear Adam explain who Martin Luther King, Jr was. It's really something special. If I had a digital recorder, I would put a video on my blog. We've been thinking about getting one. I still need to win the Lottery.
I am REALLY excited to see this:

I am SOOOOO gonna order this book. I'm going to have her autograph it, too. She signed her last book for me, and I treasure it. I'm going to her class here in VA next month. I can't wait!!

Ok, that's all for now. My pilow is calling. Ta ta!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are scrapping again. You seemed to be quite talented at it. I'm going to guess that "your guy" might be Romney. He's my guy. I hope he continues doing well. If that is not "your guy", then that's OK too. To each their own. Good luck at the Chili Cook Off! I hope you do well. Enjoy your day Monday--you know you will!


SB said...

why would you think I am part of Team Romney? Do I seem "Romney-ish"?