Thursday, January 31, 2008

rough day

1. Yesterday Jonathan had 3 mini-meltdowns in about 5 hours. I say mini, because no furniture was tumped over, no one was kicked and no glasses of tea landed on my walls. All in all, pretty mild. Lots of remorse, which means he was truly not able to cope with whatever was bothering him. I wish we could find meds that would help him with his moods and not make him gain 50# in the process.

2. I am still sick. Have you ever eaten a steak and the piece ou were chewing was too big, but you swallowed it anyway? And then it's just stuck in your throat, and you're thinking, "Oh no, I am going to choke. I am going to die..." I have felt like that for the past 36 hours. In fact, all week my asthma, which has been compromised by a secondary infection , has kept me from functioning well. It feels like my throat is almost totally closed and there's someone sitting on my chest.....I am HOPING for some relief soon.

3. Today, a new client, a godly woman prayed with me on the phone. I was SO grateful that a total stranger would lift me up in prayer. I don't remember much of what I said to her. I hope I was nice.... Gotta love cold medicine. It's like a legal "out-of-body" experience. I really don't like that feeling, which is why I resist ALL medications....

4. I think we are the only family in the USA who will NOT be watching the SuperBowl. (Besides, we all know that the Patriots are gonna win, right??) I am co-hosting a scrap group at our church so that's where I will be (illness willing).

5. My house smells like pot roast. I love my crock pot. It's my very good friend. I think people who don't use their crockpot are really missing out.



Anonymous said...

Hoping you're feeling better very soon. Silent prayers coming your way. (I love my crock pot, too!)

Linda said...

you know you're daily in my prayers anyway.....but I prayed extra hard for you. God bless those folks that just KNOW when we need prayer.

I wanna come to your crop! But a) my hubby's going on tour, and b) my neighbors (no, not the party boys) are hosting a SuperBowl party and we were invited. All the kids will be running around like mad, so I don't mind. The nice thing is that we're an hour behind, so it's EARLIER for us!!!

How'd you make your pot roast? Did I ever give you my quick and easy recipe?