Saturday, January 26, 2008


Woke up today with nothing to do. No alarm clock, nothing planned. I love days like that.

We went to Fuddrucker's for lunch (too expensive and waited too long for food) then went shopping for Micaela some more church-appropriate clothing. Got lucky with some clearance stuff at Old Navy and Sears. I was VERY pleased to see that Sears carries stylish, conservative clothing for young girls. I'll be going back there for her summer dresses, for sure!

Tonight is Movie Night. The kids work hard all week, earning points. Whoever gets the most points picks the movie. The rule is that it must be a Family Friendly movie. Since the Points Tally was a tie, I picked the movie.

So we're watching this:

Greg and Adam went to see it at the (Cheap $2.50) Theater but Micaela and I have not seen it. It looks cute. We like watching movies with the kids.....but then, as soon as they go upstairs to bed, we get to watch what we wanna watch....

Tonight, the grown-up movie is this:

I'll let you know tomorrow how both movies rate in my book.

Now I am off to finish dinner for everyone. I swear, some days I feel like a short-order cook! All in all, life is good today.



Karen_thrifty said...

I've never seen either of those.

Your points system sounds interesting. Do you have more info on it in your blog?

Have you seen Because of Winn Dixie? I borrowed it from the library. I saw it at the Christian Bookstore and am hoping we can watch it tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Our cheap theater closed. I'm still in mourning.