Sunday, January 27, 2008


Busy day. Didn't wanna wake up. Tortured by FREAKY dreams.

Church was nice. The kids rocked Sunday school. I was worried that we wouldn't make it. Adam was super cranky. He's not at all a morning person (he gets that from me, I know!) Micaela is like a ray of sunshine right when she raises her head (we don't WHERE she gets that from!!)

But the Points Chart rescued me.....What is the Points Chart you ask? It's my sanity saver on school days. It compells Adam from a warm bed. It inspires clean rooms and books read willingly. I was really stressing in the morning and came up with this last week.

The jobs are SIMPLE and easy to break down.
1) Get up/Get ready
2) Eat breakfast
3) Clean Room
4) Read Books

Each job earns one point. They get into the friendly competition and it accomplishes what we all want: clean, smart, well-fed kiddos. Whoever scores the most points gets to pick the movie for Movie Night held at Casa Balvanz every Saturday night. They also get to snuggle next to Mom on the sofa bed. They aso get to pick the snack...It's a BIG deal to have the most points....

This week we watched "The Game Plan". We loved it. It's a sweet movie. No nudity, no sexual matter, no profanity that I can recall. It was sweet and simple. They look forward to Movie Night all week long. Someday they won't want to be in the same room with their parents so we are treasuring this....

Micaela's been REALLY into pig-tails. We call her the Pigtail Princess. Ya see why?

And in light of trying to save money and still have some fun, look what I scored from my local Freecycle? In all fairness, I had one of these before but I could never make it work. I conquered it this time!! But I think I am going to explore a variety of Spritz cookie recipes. Not that butter is a great thing for my diet....

I am still watching the political stuff. I am a junkie. I love watching the stuff on the Primaries. I am a dork I know. But I am well-informed dork.

Can you believe it's almost FEBRUARY??? And everyone knows what's so special in February....

It's National Snack Food Month!! You didn't think I was talking abou Valentine's Day, did ya? I am loved year round, like many wives. I think the media forces too much attention on the glitz and glamour of Valentine's Day..... Makes me thankful I am married and loved every day of the year. (that being said, if you're reading this honey, think Godiva dark chocolate caramels....but only a couple!!)



rennratt said...



Is this homemade or purchased?


I read your Sugar List the other day, and am certain it's part of the reason I don't feel well. Thanks for the information!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of your daughter. She displays a bit of Pipi Longstocking in that look. I hope your cookies turned out well!