Wednesday, January 16, 2008

why I do what I do

Many of you who read here know that I am a photographer.
What you may not know is that I *love* what I do.
I truly felt called to do this. Yeah, the money's good but it goes beyond that for me.

I grew up in a house where, at one point, our entire super long hallway was covered with photos. School pictures, moments that mattered, celebrations, our ancestors. It instilled in me a deep need to REMEMBER and PRESERVE.

So that aspect of my job is important to me. Preserving and capturing memories.
But that sounds so boring and trite. I look at more like freezing childhood. I do!

Those of you who have kids know that they don't stay small and cute forever.
They become door-slamming, eat-everything-in-sight, eye-rolling, sassy, I don't-WANT-to -clean-my-room, I can't eat THAT little people.
So I concentrate on taking beautiful pictures of kids when they're at the cutest.

I love babies.
And I love children.
Teenagers are in a class by themselves.

I take what I do seriously. I could take on a lot of clients, but then I'd be no better than one of those studios that you drag your unwilling kids to. No thank you. I prefer the way I do it: calmly, in your home, on neutral comfortable territory. Kids like it better that way, too.
How many photographers do you know that make house-calls? Not many. But that trend is changing.

I was reading a fellow photog's blog. And she linked this:

Be honest. LOTS of us have pictures like these yellowing in (gasp) magnetic page photo albums. No shame. But thankfully, times and portraiture are different now.

I am grateful. So very grateful to be able to do to what I love.
2008 will bring about many new business ventures.
I am learning along the way. I am excited, motivated and ready to meet new families.


PS I thought about scanning in some of MY pictures from my think I should? I've got some doozies!

ETA: Ok, you asked for it....This is my Senior picture. It's my OFFICIAL picture. I didn't like those, so I had some done at Dillard's , or was it Foley's? I don't remember. Micaela saw it and said, "Uh, Mom....your hair was super funky." That's me, Ms. Super-Funky Hair. My hair was my glory (how vain). I had it all the way to my waist. I cut it off the day before graduation and NO ONE NOTICED. I could go back to Teaxs now and NO ONE WOULD RECOGNIZE ME (and I'm fine with that...) I don't miss having big hair, that's for sure!


Anonymous said...

Yes, YEs, and YES! Please post those photos. I'd love to see you as a child. YOU KNOW you want to.

Amy said...

That picture is CLASSIC! Why in the world did they have that weird shadow of yourself next to yourself back then. At least you didn't have a stylin' eighties background with multicolored lights :)

Scott B. said...

I have photos of you and I! Perhaps I should scan them and post them!!!

SB said...

oh Scott, I can't even IMAGINE what pictures you have. I do remember one from the Senior Tea...(for those of you who don't know, Scott and I went to the same high school. We're equally old.) I know you love to make me cringe: go ahead. Post away...(I may have to change my name and move to Europe if they're REALLY I have big hair??)


Anonymous said...

We must have had the same photographer! I have an almost identical photo (with big hair, of course) with the profile/reflection on the side. At the time I thought it was sooo cool!