Wednesday, February 06, 2008

calendar shots

We're a few days late but Micaela and I were out taking pictures for her Photo Calendar.
She was goofing around and I was messing around with my settings.
And I took this picture.
It's blurry, off-center and I love it best of all.
This one did not make HER cut, but it's going in MY scrapbook.
Sometimes the offbeat pictures are the best.

Now, I am off to eat tortilla wraps.

What are those you say? Only the most amazing meal, and one of THE CHEAPEST meals I have in my arsenal. Greg and I are big fans of smoked turkies. We smoke one every other month or so. Buy 6-8 turkies near the holidays and stick them in the deep freeze. One turkey costs $5-6 and I get about 18-20 meals from one bird. That means $0.30 of meat PER MEAL. That's cheap....

So the tortilla wraps:

1) I make homemade tortillas. (they ROCK!!)
2) I fill them with long grain rice (commissary or Aldi's 50 cents a box)
3) I mix in whole kernel corn
4) top with a smattering of turkey gravy.

I stop there but Greg likes to add a bunch of stuff that I don't like (cheese, sour cream, hot sauce, etc)....Good HEALTHY cheap food.



PattiB said...

Hey Suzanne- Are you willing to part with your tortilla recipe?
PS- The picture is wonderful!!! She is a beautiful girl. Lock up the boys!!!!

the other lion said...

I love the picture. And I love anything wrapped in a tortilla, but like you I don't want all the extra "stuff."

Linda said...

yum, yum! Micaela is gorgeous...we need to get our daughters together and get a "gorgeous dimples" shot!!!!