Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I had a great dream last night....
that I finally bought my E-3.
It's a professional camera with every bell and whistle you can imagine.......
Every time I look at the camera, I hear that stupid line from some Rolling Stones song "you will be mine, all mine..." over and over. I don't even LIKE the Stones.
But I do like that camera.
I have a gig in OK this Spring that will pave the way to ownership of this baby.
I can't wait. I am looking forward to some travelling.
Is it weird to dream about my camera? I think not.



Petr@ said...

Dreams are wishes the heart makes!
Keep on dreaming girl, one day it will be all yours, you deserve it.

Linda said...

you know what they say....when you dream, dream BIG! And that, my dear, is a BIG dream...but I KNOW you'll be getting it soon.

Anonymous said...

Now this is something I know about. I love it. I could go so wild with it. But I would have to hide it from Kevin...he could go wilder.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully your dream comes true much sooner than later. I know how much wanting something so badly you can taste it, and then finally getting it means. You deserve something special!


Paula Fasciano said...

I too dream about having a camera like that....a digital one....I have something similar with a monster zoom my husband bought me back in 2001....but it's film....and I'm dreaming in digital!