Thursday, February 07, 2008


Even though I was born and raised in Texas, I consider Alaska HOME.
Home is where you feel most comfortable. Where you want to return to someday.
It's pretty darn cold up there, especially compared to the seriously wimpy winters they get here in Virginia. (presently 41 in P'Ville)....
I miss snow. I miss the survivor mentality that is so common in an AK winter. I miss home. Alaska is unlike any other place on Earth.
My day today: was supposed to go to a business lunch but change of plans. My tech expert is going to instruct me on some lighting techniques. I am NOT a studio gal and I have a gig tomorrow using LIGHTS. I can do it but I feel a bit stifled by keeping my subject in one place, forcing poses, using lights. I so much prefer the use of natural lighting and letting people relax.
Mabe I'll take some pictures of my new haircut (same style) later. It always makes me giggle when people stare at me after I get a haircut, like I've had an Extreme Makeover or something. Note to self: get haircuts more frequently.

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Linda said...

I need a haircut...bad....I'm "poofy"....

But I did do the color yesterday (only 2 month behind schedule)...I had to, Scotty was asking why I had shiny white hairs on my head!

I don't miss the cold. I miss the loblolly pines, warmth, and sun (maybe because we had a foot of snow yesterday?)