Sunday, February 17, 2008

how far would you drive?

(totally C&P'ed from the Coupon Mom Blog, love her!)

Get a "buy one dozen, get one dozen free" coupon from Krispy Kreme donuts when you sign up through this link!

I live 30 miles from the nearest KK donuts....I survived on KK donuts and Dr Pepper when I was pregnant with Micaela. It was THE ONLY THING that I wouldn't throw up. So KK has a special place in my heart...I KNOW they are not healthy. I KNOW THIS....but man, they taste yummy. If I had a Sonic and a KK Donuts nearby, I would be as a big as a house, I know it.


PattiB said...

Since I now live in the South..we have both in short driving distance. It takes extreme will power not to go to Sonic everyday for a big Creme slush(even though they are 1/2 price from 2-4 everyday). One of my best friends is a Sonic fanatic and lives 30-45 minutes from one but drives it once a week for a Sonic slush.
Thanks for the link to the coupon...I may surprise the hubs with some KK this afternoon.

Linda said...

I have to say I was never a huge fan of KK...being brought up in the north, it was DD...of course, being brought up in the FAR north, it was NOTHING...but once on my own, I was addicted to DD. The closest one to me now is 1 1/2 hours away...and there are days that I OBSESS on going all the way to Lawrence just for a DD jelly donut. I will eat KK occasionally, but the whole "hot light" makes me gag...I think they taste awful when they're still dripping with that glazing (overglazing, actually). Just me, though...everyone else I know LOVES KK....sigh.

Anonymous said...

Donuts have a special place in my heart (and on my hips). My grandfather would either bring them to our house every Saturday or take us out for them. So give me any kind of donut... I'm not picky! Just wish there was a KK or a DD nearby.... sigh, will have to taste the memories for now.

rennratt said...

I like KK and DD equally.

Being from Northern Maine, I really miss Tim Horton's. (The Canadian Version of KK and DD).

the other lion said...

There is one Krispy Kreme in our city, and it is across the street. Unfortunately, it is closing soon. And we just got a Sonic this past year after years of advertising in our area. This, too, is less than 5 minutes from my place.

I totally understand the pregnancy thing. Ice cream was the only thing I didn't throw up. Saltines and popsicles made me sick. Ice cream made me better.

Kristiem10 said...

I ADORE Krispy Kreme. Unfortunately, the nearest one is 47 miles away. Our grocery carries them, but it isn't the same as seeing that beautiful HOT NOW neon sign. A few months ago, we were out to eat at a restaurant across the street from KK, and I was watching for the HOT NOW sign to be lit up. I was hoping it would be lit up after dinner. Wouldn't that have been a yummy dessert? Too bad it didn't happen.

We are getting a Tim Horton's near us, which is not as good, but I consider them a close second.

Anonymous said...

I only have to drive about 2 miles to the nearest Sonic and 4 miles to the nearest KK. Too bad you can't be where I am, or we could go hit them both for lunch then dessert. Have a great day!