Tuesday, February 19, 2008

movie and life

Vegged on the couch in a cold meds induced semi-coma.
My coughing has not stopped.
I fear I am gonna cough up a lung.
Tomorrow, I will WILL myself to feel better.

Watched "American Gangster" tonight. Good movie.
Lots of bad language, a little nudity, lots of violence. NOT a family friendly movie.
I'd watch just about anything with Denzel Washington in it. He's amazing talented.

Tomorrow, I'm laying low, trying to get over this stupid yuckiness an get back to life.
I hate being sick. It feels like I am waist-deep in mud, trying to run.
Not fun.

Tomorrow, I'm making CARDS with my daughter. She's so emotional and misses her cousin, Amber. So Amber if you're reading this, get ready for some mail!!

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Linda said...

I went stamping last night...brought a friend who was "new to rubber"...and she's formally addicted now. Would show you what I did, but I can't...you'll get one soon, though!