Sunday, February 10, 2008

sharing the love

"You love me, you really love me..."
I got an award. And not just ANY award, it's from Kristie. You can click her blog on the left"Life with my X-men." She's like me: a wife, mom and warrior of this life with Fragile X in it. She's a tough but pretty cookie. And she gave me an award.
I tell ya, that's the best thing to happen to me yet today. Except those 5 minutes when the laundry basket was TOTALLY EMPTY. Nothing tops that.
I'll award someone else tomorrow. Right now, I have to go convince small, unwilling people to go to bed. So what it's only 647pm.... I don't care. It's dark, go to bed. I am parking myself on the couch and preparing for what will be a grueling, emotionally exhausting week. Doctors appointments, military ID renewals, med changes, and more meetings at Jonathan's school. I am going to go watch "Pinero" with the Husband. He's staying home tomorrow, pulling Mom-duty, so I can get my ID renewed.
If my life didn't happen to me, I wouldn't believe. I am blessed. Some days are just less blessed than others. I am trying REALLY hard to see and feel the goodness. God loves me and He is going to arm me to face what's ahead. The devil will not bring this Momma down. No way. I mean, I LIVE with fragile x. Everything else is like a run in my stockings....
Gotta mush on now. Thanks for the award, Kristie. You rock! Seriously!!

2 comments: said...

Aww, I am glad you were pleased with the award. I know you have a stressful week ahead, but I know if anyone can get through it, you can. You are one tough chick, and you can handle the difficult and unfun.

Anonymous said...

You know you are loved. Be sure of that.