Sunday, February 24, 2008


As I began this post, asked my husband "what did we do this weekend?"
His reply, "We relaxed for a change..."
I even took a small nap. We didn't make any plans. We just bummed around.
What's up with the goggle-eyed chihuahua? I just thought it was cute. It was one of the pictures that came up in my stock photo search for "empty mind.."...Odd, don't ya think? I am not the chihuahua type AT ALL. I like dogs that can protect me, eat an intruder if necessary....
Ever get a song stuck in your head? I was on the way home from church with the J man and I heard the song by Nickleback "Far Away" and it made me all weepy. It's just a nice song.
Tomorrow another busy day. Jonathan as my shadow. He's going to dive head first into the joy that is Mt. Laundry.
Thanks for all of your continued prayers. This week will be tough. More meetings, more stress. But I have surrendered this to God. He is in charge (duh).....I will do what I am supposed to. That is how it's SUPPOSED to be.
Also tomorrow, I am going to scrap a bit with Jonathan. Get his perspective on pictures of himself. That ought to be interesting. I'm going to write out what he dictates. Scrapping with the J man.


Linda said...

ear worms....that's what you call a song that sticks in your head.

My fav ear worm? The Luckiest. You introduced me to that, and it's always nice when it shows up and stays awhile!

Anonymous said...

You know, I love that Nickelback song "Far Away" as well. You've got good taste in music! Good luck with your son this week! I hope all turns out for the best for him. I also hope that your stress level goes way down as well. Keep the faith girl!


Anonymous said...

I just got the email on the listserv. You are 100% in my thoughts and prayers. It's not easy to hand it all to God but it's a good move. Keep Him close to your heart this week. He's looking out for you guys. Keep us updated.

fragilemom said...

Just found your blog. I'm interested to hear about what you're going through with the school system. Is it on one of your entries? If ya get a chance, visit me at fragilemom.