Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I'm sick.
Been sick for DAYS.
I should have gotten that useless FLU shot.
Asthma is not fun with the flu.
They say you lose brain cells every time you sneeze.
If that's the case, I have sneezed myself stupid.
The situation with Jonathan is the same. No news to share with my blog readers.
With share more in the coming weeks. Just not now.....


Linda said...

Sorry to hear that YOU'RE sick too....sigh. Winter sucks, doesn't it????

Anonymous said...

I never do the flu shots so you aren't the only one out there. Hope you get better soon. And I'm praying that the situation with Jonathon comes out the way it should.

rennratt said...

We're all sick.

It's not just you.

From what I understand, some 'versions' of the flu shot were not "the right mixture" or "the right flu combination". It may have been a chance anyway.

Feel better soon!