Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter 2008

He is Risen!
He is Risen Indeed!
I missed church today. I hate missing Easter Sunday services. But I couldn't help it. I spent all night in the ER with horrible pain (that I've had for like..uh...6 days.) It finally got to where I couldn't handle it. So after two ultrasounds, one CT scan and some meds, I still have no answers. Just the same pain. ugh...........Lately, it's felt like life has just been "one thing after another". I feel like I am treading water some days. But hope springs Eternal. A new day, a glorious day...(and pain meds.)
The kids went to Easter Sunday services with Greg, while I played Bunny. At our house, we did something different. The Easter Bunny left CLUES to find the eggs. So they had to READ to get the goodies. It was a lot of fun. I wish I had pictures of the squealing happiness but I didn't take but a few pictures......but they were happy.
Today was Adam's first time to wear a TIE to church. He'd asked me to get him a BOWTIE a few weeks ago but I struck out. All I could find was a clip on which he's accepted. He looked ADORABLE in his tie. Next, I have to find him a sport coat. They don't show up very often in thrift stores......And Micaela looked adorable in her Easter finery ($3.00 for that dress!)
I hope that in your house Easter was a celebration, too.


Betsy said...

I missed church, too! One of my boys was sick so the two of us stayed home. Hope you feel better soon and it isn't anything serious!
Happy Easter!

Linda said...

I am about to post my GQ neighbor gave us a THREE PIECE suit for Scotty, as well as a very nice white button up shirt. Grandma sent a nice sweater vest and tie (if you're ever looking for ties, Children's Place sells them...I know they're not cheap, but they are GOOD quality!), but Scotty insisted on the 3 piece suit! Love your pictures though...

And so sorry to hear that you are sick...

Casdok said...

Very smart!
Sorry to hear about the pain. Hope you get some answers soon.

fragilemom said...

The kids look adorable! A new dress was one thing I looked forward to the most when it came Easter time (we weren't taught much about the true meaning of Easter when I grew up). So, I've passed the new dress joy on to Avery. She hasn't quite figured it out, but she loved seeing her new dress (well, they will be new to her anyway). I was so thrilled this year because I read this great book about the meaning of Easter to Avery, and she really enjoyed it. Ian didn't quite get as enthralled with it. I look forward to the day when it all really 'clicks' with the kids.

We didn't have any sicknesses in our household, so we all dooded up and went to church. Our pastor gave a really great teaching, as he always does.

Peggy said...

I missed Church too:(
I am so sorry to hear you are in pain. I hope you feel well very soon!
Your kids look adorable! I LOVE $3 outfits. I stocked up on $3 clothes I found at a Children's Place Outlet while on vacation!
I am going to download some new Mercy Me on my IPOD too. I only have a few songs as of now..

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you were not feeling well. I didn't make it either. I didn't want to tempt being jostled and sitting there forever. So I read the Easter story with my baby girl. For the first time I think she actually got it. And it made her very sad even though he rose from the dead.

Glad you had a good one otherwise. I hope they find what is wrong. I've been in that spot and it's not fun.