Thursday, March 20, 2008

field trip

First of all, Happy 1st Day of SPRING! Micaela has been counting down to this day. She's VERY excited about Spring. She was, however, disappointed that the Official Day did not bring super warm weather...bummer.....
It's been a busy week. Did I mention it's the kids' SPRING BREAK? As the mother, I am expected to come up with whiz-bang awesome activities. Apparently, they don't find laundry and vaccuuming all that thrilling. Go figure.
But yesteday, Greg and I took them to the Smithsonian. Adam specifically wanted to see Dinosaurs At The Smithsonian and who can blame him? Luckily, it's not high tourist season. We took the Metro, which is all part of the adventure. Jonathan was not thrilled but he knew there would eventually be FOOD.

Upon getting off of the Metro, we saw The US Capitol Building which is always cool. I do not take for granted that I have access to some of the coolest places in our country right here in my backyard. It's pretty cool.

Then we're on our way to the Smithsonian. If you come to DC, you could spend a week in ONE of the Smithsonians. There are 7 total. It's overwheming, but in a good way. We spent some time running after the kids, as they darted from section to section. Ate lunch at the cafe and attempted an IMAX movie. It was the Dinosaur 3D movie. We would've stayed for the whole thing but the projector experienced a problem, so we got our $40 back (thank God! it's WAY over-priced). It was kind of fun watching Jonathan duck the dinosaurs as they ran right at him. I thought he was going to yell at them. Adam loves Jurassic Park (1993) but did NOT like the dinosaurs running toward him. So the refund was a good thing.

Speaking of Jonathan, he's doing well. He's bored. And he misses his friends. But as a mom, I know he's safe and THAT matters to me. I am HOPING and PRAYING that the school situation will be resolved in the next week. I am not looking forward to the Due Process hearing. I am not afraid. I am just not looking forward to it, that's all. (Can you tell from the picture he didn't want to be photographed? He treats me camera like a mosquito, pesky and bothersome.....I had my throw down pocket camera, not my new toy...I am not about to bring my WORK equipment on the Metro...)

So it was back on the Metro, back in the car and eventually back home. About 8 hours of hustle and bustle for about an hour in the actual museum. It was worth it though. Tomorrow, we're thinking about the ZOO or bowling. I vote bowling....


Casdok said...

Yes being safe is what matters!
Looks like a great day!

Linda said...

sounds like you had a good time. We did the zoo's not a big one like in DC, but it's fun. The "biggest" critters are really the snow leopards and the tigers.

but they have an Australian walkabout area where the wallabies are RIGHT THERE. I got up close and personal with a was less than a foot from me as I snapped away. This woman was watching and was amazed at the pictures!