Friday, March 21, 2008

Flat Micaela and stuff

It's Good Friday. I am supposed to be readying myslf for church but I am typing here....Besides, I am a minimalist. It doesn't take me very long to get ready. I just HAD TO share this:

(ETA: Flat Micaela has been re-loaded at a larger size to make printing easier.)

Micaela's 2nd Grade class is doing a flat stanley-type project. Each child drew themselves and we're launching her into cyberspace now. I am HOPING that some of you will want to join us. I am looking for far away, fun, adventurous families who would like to take Flat Micaela on a trip! So send me a comment or e-mail and I'll send her your way.

Micaela is SUPER excited about this. I love her representation of herself. Her eyebrows are kind of wonky, but her nails are painted. And she DREW on her shoes! I love her sense of style. (at least she has one...she did NOT inherit that from me, I am certain!)

I downloaded the iTunes MercyMe - Home CD...IT IS AWESOME. And I mean that in the truest sense of the word. I'll be listening to it as I am driving to church tonight.
Lucky me! My husband is off on Monday, too. It's been a nice Spring Break for the kids. But come Tuesday, it's life back to normal....whatever normal is!


Linda said...

I'm doing a "Flat Ryan" right now...just started, as a matter of fact. If you had offered Micaela first, I would have jumped on her. Flat Ryan is going to school with Hannah (since she's in 1st grade, they're not doing it yet), he is going to work with Scott (RIFLE RANGE!!!). I'm going to go to the Chamber of Commerce and see if they can't give some goodies (maybe pencils or something) to send to the kids. They were only asked ot send to one place. So...we'll take him to our Zoo, have him visit KSU, and if I can work it out, get his picture taken with the 2-star in charge of the Big Red One....among other things. If we scoot over to Topeka, I'll take some pictures of him at the capitol building, too. Never know what fun adventures. Yesterday, he arrived and went for a scooter ride with Scotty!

Betsy said...

Hi! Just found your blog and wanted to say hello. I have triplet sons with autism. Would love to keep in touch!

Casdok said...

Ive got 2 Flat Stanleys staying with me at the moment from America!!

Kristiem10 said...

You've been tagged with the Six Word Memoir. Check out my blog for details.

Anonymous said...

Flat Micaela just got back from Prescott Arizona today. she went to the Unique Tiny Car Show with the Shelton family.

She went last week with Anna and Genaro Mier to a wedding in Cancun!

So, we're keeping her company, and delightful company she is.

ML in NM