Monday, March 10, 2008

what *I* do to combat higher food bills:

1) I drink powdered milk. I made the change about a year about. It saves me on average $50 PER MONTH. That's $600 a year...The kids didn't even notice the change to powdered milk. I mix it the night before and it's ready in the morning. I even mix one container strictly for Ovaltine (I do hate paying $4.00 per can for that dang Ovaltine that my BIL got the kids hooked on......)

2) I get a rain-check when something goes on super-sale at my local market. Like when boneless chicken breasts were $0.99 per pound. I went back and bought about 35 2# packages. My freezer is full of chicken.

3) I use my coupons and several killer macho coupon websites...

4) I PLAN MY MENU OUT. (I do get lazy sometimes, I'll admit.)

5) I don't buy pop for the house unless it's REALLY cheap. It's either milk, tea or water.

6) I live and love my crock-pot. If you need good crock-pot recipes, I'll gladly post them.

7) I make my own bread and dinner rolls. Saves me about $20 per week.
8) I KEEP A PANTRY.....This is ESSENTIAL......!!

what do YOU do to save money? I am always open to new ideas.


rennratt said...

I'd love easy crock pot recipes.

Many of the recipes I have found generally contain 'cream of' something soup.

1. I hang laundry out to dry. Eight loads per month saves an average of $100 in electricity. In the winter, I hang laundry up inside. It not only saves on additional electricity, the moisture in the air serves as a 'homemade' humidifier.

2. While I don't drink instant milk, I use it to cook.

3. When summer hits, I bake late at night or early in the morning. I also try to cook more than one meal at a time. Then throughout the week, we heat up dinner in the microwave to conserve air conditioning.

Kristiem10 said...

I get a lot of our groceries from Aldi. I was skeptical at first, but after trying it, I was impressed with the quality. Plus, they have a money-back guarantee on everything. You can get a huge amount of groceries for very little money.

SB said...

dang it! I totally forgot to add that I shop at ALDI, too. My kids could live on their lemonade drink mix and corn dogs.


Anonymous said...

i have never heard of aldi. Must be an eastern thing. i want one now!

I do the menu and we do most of our stuff at walmart, cheapest place here.

Tammylu1969 said...

just started using the Angel Food Ministries service. You don't have to be on a government subsidized program like food stamps and you can get great deals on meals for a family of 4. You guys should go to and check out the menu. You pay up front and about 2 weeks later you p/u at the church/organization where you ordered the food items from.