Wednesday, March 05, 2008

good news

You guys KNOW I love to read.
(I just joined GoodReads with Linda and her sis...LOVE IT!)
I also love Brad Thor books. He is GOOD.

Look what was in my in-box today:

...... soon to be finished book The Last Patriot which is due out July 1st (and can be pre-ordered here).......

which of course, leads to the DILEMMA OF THE DAY: do I pre-order or be frugal and wait for the library to get a copy?

decisions, decisions....

If you've not read Brad Thor, you need to. Plain and simple, he rocks.


Dr. Blogstein said...

Pre-order, baby!!! Gotta buy these books to keep the authors writing! Plus, Amazon is dirt cheap.

By the way, you're spot on about Brad Thor. He's ACES!

Anonymous said...

I say be frugal. At our library you can request a copy online, even if they don't have it yet, so you'll be one of the first in line when it comes in.

Linda said...

I only buy the book if I already have the author on my bookcase, or if I plan to have them there....sounds like Brad Thor is a guy you want on your it!

Anonymous said...

I say go frugal. What will you do with it after you read it??? Exactly ;-) .

I'm on good reads too. I like it but I haven't logged in for quite some time.

I've never heard of this author. I need to check it out!