Thursday, March 06, 2008

introducing Sully

I have been busy lately. Although I have not shared many sneak peeks lately, I have still been doing sessions (on top of all of the stuff going on with Jonathan).
I had such a great time photographing this kiddo.
His name is Sully and he's 4.
An amazing, incredibly bright and beautiful 4, that is.
Usually I share just one from a session, but this kid was too much....
Enough of my yapping, here's Sully (and his mom, Jenny...)

(Cool fact: that fence he's sitting on was built by his great-great grandfather. Every stone came from the land. It's been in the family for something like a bazillion years.)

1 comment:

Sue said...

He's got that "I'm gonna be a star someday" sparkle in his eye :) Cute kid. Love the photo with the hands :)