Monday, March 17, 2008

it's already Monday

This morning, the leprechauns woke up EARLY. I am keeping them busy with St. Patrick's Day Coloring Book which I found on Hillbilly Housewife's site. I love that site. It helps me save A LOT of money, and with grocery prices going up like wild, saving money on groceries just became THE highest priority in my budget.....

What did I do this weekend? Lots of stuff. Nothing terribly blog-worthy. I did take Adam to the ER for his first ever ear infection. He was a trooper! He's not even afraid of his meds. He impressed his doctor with his reading skills. Now with meds in his syetm, he is READY for Spring Break....He did get a new fishing vest from the trusty LL Bean sale. He slept it in it, even wore it to the know, in case any fishing breaks out.

Jonathan has a cold. He's not feeling very perky. He even missed church. Poor guy. But he's ready for fun this week. We are edging closer to some resolution with his school situation. I am not giving up until I find THE right placement. Nothing else will do.

Micaela was a HOOT this weekend. Fresh from the success of her musical role in the play at school, she bought a hula hoop! We've been talking a lot lately about good spending, saving money, being frugal, etc. Micaela is my saver! She managed to save over $16.00 in the last few months so she bought her own hula hoop.

We watched some movies this weekend. A real stinker, "Soccer Dog" from our library for Movie Night. It was awful. I've seen better acting in spanish soap operas. So I'll have to make up for that this week. Greg and I watched this:
Very good movie. I didn't like the ending, but I give it a high rating. I will watch anything Javier Bardem is in. He's very talented. I have watched probably all of his foriegn films. Thank God I married a man who loves foriegn films.

Sadly, I must close here. There was a leprechaun siting in the TV room. It might get crazy in there. I'll report on the St Patrick's Day fun later.

Are YOU wearing GREEN?



Casdok said...

Yes i am wearing green, that was purley by accident though!
I love hula hoops! Or rather i used to when i was young!!

Linda said...

Fun! We are home for spring break too....Hannah's taking art classes this week, 1/2 days. Gives her something to do and keeps her on a schedule.

I'm not wearing green...didn't wear it Saturday either. You know, don't you, that today is not "really" St. Patty's day (at least for Catholics!), since the pope declared that a saint must not be celebrated during holy week.

eh...I'm not Irish...and no one eats corned beef and cabbage here either...sigh.