Thursday, March 13, 2008

I've been warned

This morning, in a fit of extreme grumpiness, Adam declared that he was NOT going to school today. He preferred homeschool (in his pj's). (bless his little heart....) Greg and I are still mulling over whether he'll come home for 1st grade. It would mean my business goals would change drastically, it would also require me to be a whole lot more consistent.....but my JOB as a mother is to do what's best for my kids.

So in the grumpy fit this morning, Adam stood, hands on hip, creases from his pillow still evident on his face, lecturing me.....he said, "You know I'll work hard. Let me stay home. We'll do the k12 history.....I'll even clean my room..."

In the end I persuaded him to get dressed (with a lot of help from his daddy). But he made me promise that we'll start his k12 History during Spring Break. How can I deny this child a chance to learn? I cannot....his mind is open and his spirit is willing. So over Spring Break, we'll be tackling History. We're even going on a Field Trip to the Smithsonian!

We're also working on Geography (check out the cool game on PBS website) and Handwriting. I was the only girl in the family who didn't have AMAZING handwriting. (My sisters could design fonts with their handwriting.) So I have kids whose handwriting needs improvement, too.

For those of you who read here who homeschool, what will you be working on? I am trying to arrange a tour of a local honey factory. I think the kids would dig that....

Now, I must turn the computer OFF so I can get some stuff done!



Casdok said...

No you cant deny a child a chance to learn!

rennratt said...

My best friend homeschools.

Her kids have toured police stations, fire stations, local zoos, animal shelters, bakeries and even farms.

All businesses, when contacted, were thrilled at the idea of 'letting kids see the inside workings of _______'. We do, however, live in a smaller farming community, so it may not be as easy in a bigger city.

Good luck, and keep letting your child learn! What a blessing!

Out of curiousity, can J cook? Perhaps all of the demands for eating can be tamed into a baking/general cooking lesson for him?

MelissaR said...

Some of our best field trips have been "behind the scenes" tours like the firehouse, the post office, and the county recycling facility. We visit national parks (mostly historical), science centers, and living history villages.

Let me know if you have questions about homeschool curriculum. I'm not an expert, but we've tried just about everything. :)