Monday, March 03, 2008

my Scientist

There are few things in the world that Adam loves as much as Science.
His brain is attracted to everything about Science.
It's WHY we started homeschooling, and frankly, while he's been in public school kindergarten, it's what we've both been missing. So today, when he got home from school, he was soooo happy to see the open k12 Science box on my desk.......

He looked at me, and yelled, "AM I SCIENTIST TODAY????" He RAN to get his lab coat on and we set out on a lesson about volume, milliliters and measuring. He was so happy.....and man, I miss this.

He made me PROMISE that he could do the next lesson tomorrow. (Tomorrow is TEMPERATURE....he's thrilled that his Science Kit has TOOLS...) --Pardon the less-than-stellar pictures, it's hard to get a hard-working scientist to stand still.--

So we're getting back into it. I even ordered another subject for him: HISTORY. I'll be honest. I slept my way through most of my history classes. Total snooze-ville for me. Some people are into, some aren't. My husband LOVES the History Channel. Don't get me wrong: I can appreciate the importance of history. I am just geared more towards languages, and reading....History just isn't for me. But it will be throughout Spring Break and Summer. I'll be teaching it!

We use for our homeschooling curriculum and I've always been very pleased with both their products and their service. I supplement the online courses with worksheets and books. It's fun for the kids. They don't even realize they're REALLY learning. And for full disclosure, I am NOT being paid to talk about, I just really like what they offer.


MelissaR said...

Have fun with science and history! I had absolutely no interest in history when I was in school, but I'm enjoying it now that I'm teaching it to my son. Homeschooling is fun and educational for both of us!

Kristiem10 said...

That is a really cute picture! Isn't it neat to see them wanting to learn things?

Anonymous said...

My oldest son LOVED science at that age too (his first picture he drew in kindergarten was him as a chemist), now he's in high school at a science and math school. He will be a chemist one day! As for your little scientist, it's great that you give him the opportunities to do what he loves. Seeing the life and light in their eyes is worth everything!