Thursday, March 13, 2008


totally lifted from Consumerist:

Who really owns some of the biggest organic brands in the country? GOOD magazine made one of their sexy graphs to show you. For instance, Coke owns Odwalla, Pepsi owns Naked, and Kraft owns Boca Burgers. The chart also shows you that these parent companies are among the top 30 food processing companies. Not like we're talking a giant scandal or anything, it's just interesting to know more about where your food is really coming from. Just because it's organic doesn't mean it was made on a happy communal love-farm....

(I try and eat natural but I don't get all bogged down in the organic stuff. But I think it's important to know who the parent company is...)


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The Other Lion said...

that is interesting. just like phillip morris owns marlboro and nicorette. so when you quit smoking, you can still give them money!