Saturday, March 22, 2008


Thnk you to all of the families who will be taking Flat Micaela on an adventure. We're so excited!
My husband sang a solo last night at church. ("Pie Jesu") Let me just say that I married an amazingly talented guy. He has a voice on him, that's for sure! It's like Josh Groban, Michael Buble' and Harry Connick, Jr. all rolled into one. And there's nothng better than hearing his voice lifted for the Glory of God. I videotaped it but it's too big of a file to post. I'd love to share it but the file is too large. I'm going to burn a disc for his Mom.
Stayed up late last night watching "The Passion". I love that movie. It's painful to watch though. I've seen that movie about 15 times and I still cry unabashedly. It's a Good Friday/Easter tradition in our house since the movie came out to watch it.
Tonight is Family Movie Night at Casa Balvanz. We're watching: "The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising (2007)" Anyone else ? We watched "Enchanted" this week. Loved it!
Off and running now. The Easter Bunny is doing something VERY different this year. (although we're teaching the kids the REAL meaning of Easter, they still get some candy.)


Linda said...

Pie Jesu is one of my favorite songs...would love to hear him sing it....

Haven't yet SEEN (in its entirety, that is) the Passion; sad, isn't it? When it came out, my church had a mass seating at the theatre...on 29FEB04....I suppose it's a good thing I didn't go, or Scotty might have been born that day instead of 1Mar04....

I've rented it a few times (even Netflixed it) but never seem to watch it all. Scott has no interest in it, of course. Maybe I'll rent it at Dillon's and watch it tonight. Would be a good time to watch, I suppose!

I'm running too...need vinegar to color eggs, and need to shop for Easter Dinner tomorrow. Think I might make your killer roll recipe, iffen I can find the link again!

Casdok said...

My son is still watching Thomas the Tank engine!
Happy Easter!