Monday, March 10, 2008


You guys who read here know I am ALL about the pictures.
I truly am. I want my kids to remember their childhoods, and know how much I adore them.
So I scrap and take a bazillion photos.

Through all of these years, Jonathan remains my toughest customer.
That whole gaze avoidance deal makes for a tough picture.
He has such amazing blue eyes, but he really has to trust you to show them to you.

Yesterday, he and I were standing in the kitchen. celebrating my patience.
Well, actually *I* was celebrating it, he was testing it...
But he reached out to hug me, willingly, without any begging. He leaned that large body and heavy head against my shoulder and all of a sudden, he was 2 again.

And it all came flooding back.

How much I love him, and even though he dances on my nerves on a daily basis, I love him fiercely. He does something that most of couldn't do: he gets up and walks through a world that he doesn't understand, who doesn't understand him. But he does it. Without a doubt, he's tough.
He's still my little boy in there, wrapped up in a food-demanding, needs a shave, back-talking, remote-control hogging young man, he's still my Jonathan.

And I love him fiercely.


Linda said...

this is a poignant are the words that accompany it. I love the term "celebrating my patience"...something I need to learn!

You have a way with words, girl...

Casdok said...

They teach us so much.
Interesting, my son also puts his head heavily on my shoulder. Not very often , but when he does i just melt! (and nearly collapse under the weight!)