Wednesday, April 02, 2008

another Senior

This is Abigail. Also Homeschooled. Also the Class of 2008.
And I know that my pictures don't even come close to capturing how pretty she really is.
You know, it's part of my job to make my clients feel comfortable. She made ME feel comfortable. She was SO easy to photograph. Aside from the oh-my-gosh-amazing-perfect-no-need-for-Photoshop skin, she was literally a ball of sunshine. I tried to take serious shots, and she literally couldn't contain the smiles and laughter. It just bubbled up! That's what makes the center shot probably one of my favorites.


Linda said...

Yet another gorgeous girl. That smile is surely captivating!

You do, as ever, GREAT work, Suz!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures Suzanne. You did a good job, you know.