Friday, April 11, 2008

celebrating love

Did an engagement session the other day.
For Debi and Anjan. It makes my heart so happy to see a couple this much in love.
The whole time I am taking their pictures, they're laughing and playful.
They held hands or stared at each the whole time.
Debi and Anjan are just like that. They weren't putting on a show: they celebrate love.
I can't wait for their special day (which is mere weeks away...)


Anonymous said...

(sigh) I just love your photos. I wish you lived closer

SB said...

don't you threaten me with your compliments: I'll come visit you!! Don't tempt me!!


In 2008, I added travel so beware:

picture this by suzanne hits the road!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you know the feelings that your pictures portray!


Linda said...

I'm still waiting for you to get close!!!

Anonymous said...

lol...I'm completely across the country in a no mans land...I'm not worried :)