Wednesday, April 23, 2008

a day

I woke up sooooo tired.
Like I ran a marathon type tired.
I barely remember forming words as my husband left the house at 0'dark early.
I hit snooze FOUR times, made the kids late to school (which is a mortal sin in my daughter's book, having to go to class with a TARDY SLIP is like wearing he Dunce hat....who knew?)

I was so tired.
And I was supposed to work out today.
With my new work out buddy Lisa (who doesn't have a blog, she doesn't even do e-mail!!)
I had 10 million excuses ready to roll:
  • I'm tired, (who isn't?)
  • My hair is sticking up (seriously, ALL of the hair on the right side of my head was sticking STRAIGHT UP..)
  • I can't find the right socks...

Aren't those GREAT excuses? I thought so. But as I was cruising Bloom, in search of the elusive Moon Pies (for Adam, NOT FOR ME!!) I said, "No more. No more excuses. I am RESPONSIBLE for my health. I wouldn't let my kids get away with this behavior..."

So I went.
I worked out.
I did it.
Tired, with hair that would make history, in the wrong socks.
But I did it.
I felt great!! (can't believe I just typed that.....)

I bought these new green and blue Nike shoes in February 2007. A week later, the Asthma Attack from Hell changed my life and my I broke them in today....(don't ask me what the heck happened with the color in that picture...funky)

Dear God:
Help me form good habits. Guide me to health. Thank you for sending Lisa to me, she'll hold me accountable and nag me.


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Linda said...

you forgot the Amen. I need to repeat that prayer daily. and I need a Lisa too. If I was there, we'd be svelte, walking and exercising together (of course, all the tea an desserts we'd share would probably counteract the hard work, but hey, who CARES, when you've got someone to share it all with?)

I've procrastinated ALL week about exercising. I swore I'd lose at least 5 lbs before this Saturday (swore this a few weeks ago) so that I'd fit nicely into my gown for a ball....not happening. Gotta break out the Spanx...sigh.