Friday, April 11, 2008

I saw God today....

I heard bits and pieces of this song.. My husband kept asking me "Have you heard this song?" I finally heard the whole song.


Literally, my God is good. People driving by must have thought that woman in the very slow-moving Volvo had certainly suffered a mental moment. I just sat there crying.....You have to click on it and listen. I am often link-challenged, so if it doesn't work, just Google "I saw God today"...(and you're not allowed to send me mail about how you hate country music...I am not sure if I can trust people who HATE country music.....I mean, come on. Rap music, ok, but country music harmless....) Alas, I digress.

I like to think that as a photographer, I look at life differently. As if through a lens. I see beauty in just about everything. I see my life as a series of pictures. But this song reminded me that you need to look for God in all things.

So in light of that, I share this link and this picture with you: I Saw God Today


Anonymous said...

Great song Suzanne! I liked it. When you think about all the people that KNOW and love you, you know, there has to be a God.


Noah&Maddy's Mom said...

I stopped listening to secular music about a year ago, but this song is worth listening to. I loved it..thanks.

RecycleCindy said...

I just wanted to drop by your blog and say thank you. Thanks for your prayers, your kind words, and this post. This song really spoke to my heart last week when I stopped and really listened to the words. BTW - I love Country music and it has some of the most coolest spiritual lyrics.

God bless,