Friday, April 18, 2008

Jonathan: a missed calling

I don't know about you, but my son was BORN to eat. Jonathan LOVES to eat (which explains why he's gained 50# while on Abilify....) I was so saddened to see that he has missed his calling, his chance to shine. What am I talking about ? Well, THE GRILLED CHEESE INVITATIONAL, of course.....My boy would be in HOG HEAVEN.....

I was a little concerned when I saw PROMINENTLY displayed on the website this message:
Why do you NEED to mix alcohol and Grilled Cheese? I'm just sayin'.......
Nonetheless, if McDonald's held a competitive fry eating contest, Jonathan would reign supreme. No one can eat fries the way he does. Greg and I call him The Chipper, because he looks like one of those wood chippers that chop up trees.
All kidding aside, Jonathan would be great as a fry tester. Or a eye-glass destruction tester. Or a Christian contemporary rock music rater.....By the way, he's doing GREAT in his new school. He's being EDUCATED and understood: two things that we should never take for granted. He has glowing words for the Staff. I feel comfortable with him there.
Greg is gone for a few days, whooping it up (AKA working) in Fiesta San Antonio. So I have lined up the chick movies. The weather here is gorgeous and I am READY for the weekend!!
Must close, I am volunteering at the Book Fair and I don't want to be late. Some of the PTO Moms get really upset if you hold up their schedule of events. I am NOT the Poster Mom for the PTO. But I do have a SuperMom t-shirt.......HA!


Linda said...

I am a member of the PTA, even attended most of the meetings last year, but for whatever reason, this year I just couldn't get to the meetings...ugh. Will do better next year....

I'm glad Jonathan likes his new school, and that he's going to have a stable environment there...and understanding and education.

Danielle! said...

Hi! I'm one of the people working on the Grilled Cheese Invitational, and the event is *really* not a kid friendly event. It's PG-13, maybe sometimes soft R (just look at the photos on the website). I know most people just assume that Grilled Cheese is kid's food because it's on children's menus all the time, but Grilled Cheese can be serious adult food, too.

And alcohol is not required for a good time, of course, but the last 5 invitationals have been drunken cheese adventures, so this one is notably different. We want to make sure that people don't come to the event expecting to get schnockered.

But yeah, I truly recommend not bringing your son.

- Danielle
(also the grilled cheese blogger)