Sunday, April 20, 2008

me....a Business-Woman?

I heard from a friend from WAY BACK WHEN.
They knew me when I lived in Texas, in my Old Life.
The person I used to be was very different from who I am today, and for that, I am eternally grateful. She was shocked to hear that I re-married and have two more kids, and what's that?........ I own my own business.....!

It's kind of cool to let people who used to know that I am completely different now. Still crazy, but a better person, I think. I am so glad that I left that life behind. When I think of it sometimes, it's like it was someone else, not really me, you know?

Well, I have to get back to being the Super Amazing Accomplished Business-Woman that I am...and you know what that means? paperwork!!

(don't worry, that's not MY desk....really, it's not. I SWEAR!!)

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Anonymous said...

Of course that's not the paperwork on your desk.... that photo was taken of MY desk (just a small corner of it, actually)!