Friday, April 25, 2008

photo fun

A friend of ours, SGM Rock, let us borrow his fisheye lens.
Greg had some fun with it. (He also added some other effects, fear not, we have not cloned Adam. The world can only handle ONE!)
A fisheye is something I've been wanting for a while...Although I wouldn't use it for portrairture, it's a fun lens. Not as practical as say, a 12-60mm, but it's FUN....I can't wait to get some fun pictures at one of the weddings that I am shooting next month.


Anonymous said...

I have no idea about how he did that, but that is really cool!


Linda said...

that's way cool. I would love one of those...wouldn't it be great if they just made a screw on filter that gave that effect? And the double exposure (or editing) is cool, too.

AND...that red and blue chair looks quite familiar...does it (or DID it) belong with a red, yellow, and blue plastic desk with a gooseneck light on it? :0)

Anonymous said...

someday when he is a dad he will ask you if u can use your mommy super powers and clone him! Neat pic :)