Sunday, April 27, 2008

the Rosenkoetter Family

This is my friend, Heather, and her beautiful Family.
It kind of made me a little sad to take these pictures. You see, Heather's husband, Brian, heard the call and is leaving for Seminary. Which of course they will be moving soon.

Heather is one of those women who make it look sooooo easy. She's so laid-back (have never seen her cranky), she has stylish hair and she's nice, to boot! I am blessed to know her.

This morning when I saw Heather in church, I told her a funny story from my own childhood: how my Mom just wanted a nice family picture of all 5 kids in the same room, blah blah blah....Well, during this time, I decided to shave part of my scalp (don't ask, REALLY don't's in the Top Five Most Embaressing Moments of Suzanne's Life..) and so I had a major comb-over. My mom has not forgiven me for it, I'm sure, that her only family picture with 5 kids, one of us looks like they don't belong.

I love this picture where her son is doing what he wants. It will be cute to look at it when he has his own kids and he tells him Mom, "They won't sit still, Mom. I don't know WHERE they get it from..." I know for a fact that silliness is genetic.

I love how relaxed they were. This was of course after the kids thought the Picture Torture was over....Life is all about the little moments. It's not just filler: it's the whole enchilada.

This is Emily. She's almost 3. And she wanted NOTHING to do with me or my camera. And she had no problem telling me so. She's so precious. I even tried to bribe her with the $0.16 that was in my pocket. She wouldn't fall for it. (Note to self: carry lollipops...)

Heather and Brian: we will miss you. Stay in touch!! You'll be in our prayers as you start out this amazing journey God has in store for your family.

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MikeandCharlsie said...

I saw your post on rocksinmydryer and had to comment. You said you were involved in taking pictures for infant bereavement and I just wanted to tell you as a mom who had a still birth almost 2 years ago that is such an important job!!!! I was so blessed by the people who did it for me and it is really neat to hear of someone else who does it, you are a true blessing to many!!!!